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Professor Lucas Kulczycki – RIP, announced May 8, 2018


Message from Dr. Anna Korzan

Dear PAHA Members and Friends,

I am writing with a heartfelt sadness to inform you that our Honorary President Professor Lucas Kulczycki passed away.

Professor Lucas Kulczycki was born on Aug 11,1911 and died on May 3, 2018.
He will be always remembered for his friendly and warm smile, his deep modesty, and a great willingness to help. His life and professional career reflects personal, national and international success.

His war “adventures” as well as accomplishments reflect the time of a Second World War. Professor Lucas Kulczycki left his native country in 1939 at the beginning of a World War II, when Nazi invaded Poland and Soviet Union occupied the eastern part of the country.
During the war he took part in war events /Hungary, France ,Great Britain/ and ended in Bristol in 1940.

After his active military service in 1944 he attended Polish Medical School in Edinborough, Scotland established for students of Polish origin.
Professor Kulczycki helped to donate the found gathered in Edinborough to Medical School in Poznan for expansion of an international program educating young physicians from all over the world.

In 1951 he started his medical career in Manitoba, Canada. Then he moved to Boston joining medical staff in Pediatric Department of Harvard Medical school.
Finally, in 1962, Professor moved to Washington DC and joined Georgetown Medical school. He had established there the center for the treatment of cystic fibrosis.
During his 60 year career he became internationally recognized for his uniquely successful treatment of severe symptoms of cystic fibrosis (frequently in 3 generations of the same family).

His contributions to teaching diagnosis and management of CF children were outstanding. Professor Lucas Kulczycki was highly regarded by his colleague and patients who suffered from this severe disease. They respected and truly loved him.

Professor Kulczycki was involved in many social and charity organizations.
It was his initiative to organize Polish American Health Association and he was the first President.

All of us who knew professor Kulczycki will always remember him as Great Doctor and a Great Human Being.

Polish American Health Association Inc, Washington DC

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